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Writing To Make Meaning of Science
* (General Audience)

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We’re not talking about writing for its own sake, here (though kids’ skills will get better if they do more of it). This is about writing as a tool in your teaching toolkit. But you may have questions: Why and how does writing help students learn content? What kind of writing are we talking about? – If it eats up lots of class time and takes forever to grade, I can’t possibly fit it in. Some students get stuck and others turn in really poor work – how do I help them? OK, now the kids have written something – how do we use it to really deepen learning? I’m not an English teacher, so how do I assess it? These are all important questions we must address in this workshop if writing is to be useful for students’ learning in science. We’ll try out some strategies hands-on, take time to plan activities specific to your teaching, and work through the challenges together. This workshop aims to be practical, interactive, energizing and hopefully even fun, (the F word!) for all science teachers.