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Teaching African American History to Culturally Diverse Audiences
Sheila Arnold (General Audience)

DVD availablequantity:     $30.00 each

"Healing the Sting" In this series, Sheila Arnold, historical character actor and American historian, examines the reasons slavery was acceptable, the damage that it caused and how the spirit, ingenuity and resourcefulness of the enslaved has helped them on their journey toward “healing the sting”. Ms. Arnold introduces her audience to an amazing number of African American leaders, inventors, scientists and other outstanding individuals who have demonstrated to the world that they are a vital part of America’s heritage and future. Also included is Sheila Arnold's presentation "Oney Judge: Life as Martha Washington's Handmaiden. Using her tremendous talent, Sheila Arnold “becomes” Oney Judge, handmaid and slave to Martha Washington. Audiences feel Oney’s pain, sadness and joy as she relates her life’s story. Struggle with her as she recalls what it was like to be a slave and the emotional price that she paid for her freedom.