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  Monday, November 17, 2008
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Fape has a New Phone Number: 352-955-6760
President's Letter
FAPE welcomes new political leaders and begins plans to work together to celebrate and support Florida's organized school/community involvement program.

Annual FAPE Conference, April 15-17, 2009 Daytona Beach Hilton
The 2009 FAPE conference planning committee announces Coach Carter and Debbie Silvers confirmed as keynoters.
From the Desk of Susan Walton, Florida Department of Education
The Department of Education announces several important resources and dates for the Fall and remainder of the school year.
Independent Sector Publishes Volunteer Hour Dollar Value
The estimated dollar value of volunteer time is currently $19.51 per hour.
Legislature Enacts Anti-Bullying Legislation
The Florida Legislature enacted the Jeffrey Johnston Stand Up for All Students Act during the 2008 legislative session.
Be There for Your Families Expands to 16 States
The Be There Campaign is growing daily and districts are reporting their home style and personalized versions of implementation.
Community Involvement: One of the Keys to a Successful Coordinated School Health Approach
Community organizations, volunteers and business partners have a wealth of materials and resources to enhance a school's health program. These include speakers, publications, special demonstrations, facilities, equipment, and funding.

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