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  Friday, February 3, 2012
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Fape has a New Phone Number: 352-955-6760
President's Letter
Linda Morris, President, FAPE
President Morris discusses transformation of our educational world, challenging members to be alert to the need for change, embrace it, implement it, and anticipate when the time is right to begin the next cycle of reinventing.

New Year Triggers Looking Forward to What 2012 Will Bring
FAPE premiers online training at DOE Leadership; l to r Rick Everitt, Michelle Roberge, Pam Lastowski, Marilyn Seay, Liz Starke, Linda Morris, Susan Walton.
A review of activities in 2011 and projection of possibilities for 2012 give an optimistic outlook for community involvement continuing to complement the school experience and academic growth of students.

School Community Involvement Coordinators Meet in St. Petersburg
Pam Carson facilitates workshop at Leadership
Annual Leadership Training provides forum for Florida's community involvement coordinators to share strategies.
Five Star Schools Announced
882 schools meet criteria for recognition as Florida Five Star Schools.
A Winning Practice: Engaging Job Seekers as Volunteers
Job seekers are one of the fastest growing new groups of volunteers, according to the Minnesota Association for Volunteer Administration (MAVA) of Maplewood, MN. For job seekers, volunteering offers opportunities to keep skills current, build new skills, fill gaps in resumes, obtain a current reference and gain self-confidence.
FAPE Board Officers to Be Elected in March
Nominating Committee submits slate for Spring election

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