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  Friday, December 9, 2011
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Special Recognition Edition Supplements Winter Newsletter
To assist members who have leadership responsibility for recognition, this Special Edition Supplement to the FAPE Winter Newsletter focuses entirely on recognition ideas.

Poetry for Volunteer Recognition
Poetry has so many uses for recognition remarks, gifts and events. This collection, from FAPE members Susan Walton, DOE Director of Community and Parent Outreach and Michele Roberge, Pinellas District Volunteer Program Coordinator, will save search time.
Recognizing Individual Volunteers
Every year, as coordinators scratch their heads for a clever, individual gift or strategy that conveys how appreciated volunteers are, the task becomes harder. These ideas, provided by FAPE member Patti Wilson,
Volunteer Program Coordinator of Collier District Schools, is rich in ideas.

Recognition Themes, Decorations and Gift Ideas
Coordinators have so many occasions throughout the year in which they have to come up with creative expressions of "thank you" for volunteers and teachers. This list, provided by FAPE member Michele Roberge, Pinellas District Volunteer Coordinator, shortcuts the think time by giving a selection of possibilities.
Saying Thank You at an Event
If you are responsible for a recognition event, this list suggested by Liz Stark, Alachua District Volunteer Coordinator gives a wide a array of low cost, creative possiblities.

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