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  Tuesday, May 8, 2012
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Linda Morris, President
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New Data Supports Community Involvement
Newly published drop-out data gives cause for alarm and increased alert for the public to get involved in schools.
DOE Announces Outstanding School Volunteers
Ernie Bernal, OSV, Monroe, brings his tractor and trailer to the school for kids to go on a hayride to hardwood hammock to identify native Florida Keys plants and trees.
Florida's Outstanding School Volunteers receive awards.

FAPE 2012-2013 Membership Drive Opens
It's that time of the year for renewing current memberships and recruiting a colleague or more to become a member of FAPE. Memberships provide the advantages of being a part of the statewide network and the wealth of professional development, connections, and friendships.
Resource Becomes Available to FAPE Members
FAPE in celebration of its 37th Anniversary Year will provide raised awareness about resources produced by the association, Florida Department of Education, school districts and other organizations.
Conflict With and Among Volunteers Builds Diffusion Skills
Those rare times when conflict raises its ugly head requires Solomonesque skills. These tips may help.

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