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  Tuesday, September 1, 2009
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Fape has a New Phone Number: 352-955-6760
President's Message
FAPE Joins Prime Time to Launch Partners in Education Academy Oct. 16
FAPE is developing community involvement training for cash strapped districts and schools to be delivered via the Florida Education Channel.
FAPE Receives Dollar General Grant
Dollar General has selected the Florida Association of Partners in Education to receive the 2009 Back to School Literacy Grant.
Everitt to Lead Florida Association of Partners in Education
Judge Charles McClure swears in Rick Everitt, new FAPE President
Rick Everitt, Coordinator of Technology, PAEC, was officially elected president of the Florida Association of Partners in Education at its annual election. Everitt has more than two and a half decades of experience in leadership roles in Florida and on the national level. FAPE is the oldest and largest association serving Florida's district school volunteer programs. It represents Florida's 67 district, 3400 school community outreach professionals and 600,000 school volunteers who together provide a statewide network of community support for student achievement. In 2008 this contibution was 25 million volunteer hours.
DOE Bureau of Family and Community Outreach Announces 2009-10 Calendar
DOE calendar features important dates for community involvement activities.
Judi Miller Honored for Statewide Community Service
Dr. Judi Miller, St. Lucie School Board Chair and Director/CEO of Big Brothers, Big Sisters was selected FAPE 2009 Community Partner of the Year.
K-12 Partnership Report: The Teachers Warehouse
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma is connecting corporate donors to classrooms with specific needs by creating an online clearinghouse for school supplies.
Meet the 2009-2010 FAPE Board
The 2009-2010 returning and new board members represent state well with vast array of experience and talent. .

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