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Low Tech Tools

Low, or simple and easy, technology tools are often overlooked. Yet these tools may be exactly what a student needs and they offer several advantages over high, or complex, technology tools. Low tech tools are often easy to obtain and are easy to replace. They are inexpensive and highly mobile. For example, it is easier to carry a pencil grip than a laptop to support writing. That may sound simplistic but it is an important point when you need to, for example, write a check in a store.

  1. Assistive Technology Continuum . a handout by Judi Sweeney that illustrates a low tech to high tech continuum
  2. Tech Tool Handouts & Articles from Onion Mountain . a collection of handouts and articles maintained by Judi Sweeney
  3. LoTTIE Kit from Onion Mountain . a collection of low tech tools to support learning in the classroom. you can order the regular kit, specialized kits, or just particular items from the Onion Mountain online store
  4. Supports: Strategies & Tools . a 38 page pdf booklet with extensive information on a range of strategies and tools for students with disabilities. developed by the Boston Public Schools Access Technology Center
  5. Writing and Spelling Toolbox . great ideas on low, medium, and high tech tools
  6. Low Tech Tools in Special Education . examples of basic low tech tools
  7. Low Tech Tools from LD Resources . examples of a wide variety of low tech tools and uses
  8. Low Tech Tool Ideas from Star Tech . nice basic handout on low tech tools . this link currently broken

Provide your students with a variety of low tech tools so they can experiment and choose which tools work best for them. This helps to build their own skills in the area of tool assessment and evaluation.