Institute for Small and Rural Districts-Sponsored Presenter - Rufus Lott III

Mr. Rufus Lott III is the founder of LOTT Educational Consultants and lead consultant specializing in the area of Restorative Practices in schools. Most recently, Mr. Lott served the North East Independent School District as the Assistant Principal of Edward H. White Middle School. Mr. Lott played an instrumental role in the development, and implementation of restorative practices as an alternative method to deal with managing student behavior. This innovative, whole school approach model was the first of its kind in the state of Texas, and is the blueprint that many campuses across the state of Texas are following.

Mr. Lott has 10 years of experience in public education in elementary and middle school as a classroom practitioner and administrator. As a former administrator, Mr. Lott’s passion is rooted in social justice, and working with educators to better serve diverse student populations. His focus is on teaching real-life, applicable, strategies that are essential for educators to utilize when working with both students and teachers. Today, he teaches restorative practices to teachers and administrators as an alternative method to exclusion, and as a means to build positive relationships and strong communities through dialogue using the circle process.

Mr. Lott received both his Bachelor’s and Master’s Degrees from the University of Texas at San Antonio. He graduated as a member of the Urban School Leadership Cohort (USLC), which is a nationally recognized preparation cohort, that prepares educational leaders for the principalship, by using practical, theoretical, and research based approaches to promote social justice in urban school districts. To learn more about Mr. Lott and National Educators for Restorative Practices visit

General Session – Every Garden has a Few Weeds

Every Child has worth; sometimes what a kid needs is more than what teachers have written in their lesson plans. Join Rufus Lott III, as he illustrates the need for making connections with kids pivotal to educating them. #ConnectB4Correct

Concurrent Session III

The Green, It’s Time to Swim Upstream

Every problem has a root. Join Rufus Lott III, as we explore practical applicable strategies to connect, build and sustain positive relationships with students.

Concurrent Session IV

Differentiated Discipline, The formula for Accountability

In this session, we will explore the formula for meaningful accountability, through a differentiated relational approach to student discipline that does not solely rely on the path to consequences.