PAEC Horizon Newsletter
  Saturday, February 15, 2014   Issue 137  

75th Annual National Association of Biology Teachers Conference

Recently, the Biology Partnership Project Leadership Team had the privilege of taking 33 biology and life science teachers to a conference of the National Association of Biology Teachers (NABT) November 20 – 24, 2013 in Atlanta Georgia.

Topics presented included climate change, waterborne infectious diseases, gene therapy, mutation and the fragile x syndrome and many other topics of concern to today’s leaders in the field of biological science. Concurrent sessions on how to creatively engage students in the study of biology and various ways of teaching the biology standards also made up a large portion of the trainings offered at the conference. During the conference, participating teachers were encouraged to attend conference sessions that would help them improve their content, pedagogy, and classroom presentation skills. After attending sessions, each group member presented summaries of sessions attended along with copies of websites, materials etc. that were used in the session enabling participants to share what they learned with other group members.

While at the conference Nancy Dow, Jill Hansen, and Tammy Stundon, the grant’s master teachers, presented a session on how to creatively teach several topics in biology on a shoe-string budget. The session was a favorite of many who attended the conference and was rated highly by the audience of science teachers from across the nation. Dr. Linda Fitzhugh, Fledia Ellis and Deborah Aylor of Gulf Coast State College and Mona Ramirez of the Panhandle Area Educational Consortium, who make up the grant’s leadership team, were pleased with the reactions and feedback they received from grant participants.

“Many of these teachers had never been to a national conference. It was a honor to be able to provide them with this opportunity,” commented Mona Ramirez, PAEC grant manager.