PAEC Horizon Newsletter
  Saturday, February 15, 2014   Issue 137  

Big Savings Through PAEC Cooperative State Purchasing

Mackin Educational Resources has been providing schools with high-quality educational products for the past 30 years. A family-owned and operated business, Mackinís goal is to elevate and accelerate the progress of education in schools around the world. As a distributor of over 18,000 different publisher resources for libraries and classrooms in print, digital, audio and video formats, we are serving the needs of more than 30,000 schools daily.

Mackin is leading the digital movement in schools with the creation and distribution of our MackinVIATM portal; a complete eResource management system. MackinVIA is simple-to-use, requires just one login, allows users to discover, open and read, and download eResources that are available to them through the convenient MackinVIA interface.

MackinVIA is robust and allows customization for your schoolís needs, including extensive administrative management and reporting, unlimited access to the interface for everyone in the school, and a catalog of over 200,000 eBooks, nearly 100 databases, and 30,000 audiobooks for purchase. We understand the on-demand accessibility required by todayís educators and students and have developed MackinVIA apps for the most often used devices so you can utilize your digital content anytime, anywhere.

This is your no-cost opportunity to see why educators everywhere are hailing MackinVIA as THE answer for how to successfully integrate digital resources into your school. The MackinVIA platform is FREE and comes with unlimited simultaneous perpetual access eBooks at no cost to you when you activate your account. Choose either an Elementary, Middle or High school level package, valued at $1000, for your school.

There is an extra bonus through the national Mobile Learning contract for schools utilizing the PAEC Cooperative State Purchasing program. When you are ready to order more eBooks, you will receive an additional discount on your eBook purchases. Multiple schools purchasing at the same time receive even greater discounts.