PAEC Horizon Newsletter
  Thursday, February 19, 2015   Issue 139  

PAEC Cooperative State Purchasing Saves Districts Time and Money

PAECís purchasing program is designed to help member school districts make purchases quickly without going through a bid process since all of the products and services offered through the program have been pre-bid and approved. The program offers a cost effective, transparent, efficient, and legally compliant solution to many of your purchasing needs.

To drive prices lower, PAEC leverages the purchasing power of the Association of Educational Purchasing Agencies (AEPA) which works with 26 other states to secure contracts with some of the nationís largest providers of technology, curriculum, school supplies, services, and infrastructure for school districts.

New vendor/partners are added routinely as district needs change. New contracts include ITS,Inc. offering network infrastructure management, School Outfitters, offering a large catalog of school supplies and products, and three new security partners offering finger print scanning for background checks and walk-through metal detectors.
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