PAEC Horizon Newsletter
  Thursday, February 19, 2015   Issue 139  

“HIPPY” Program and PAEC Help Parents Prepare Pre-school Children for School

The HIPPY program helps parents learn important skills that will lead to greater learning gains resulting in being Kindergarten ready! The program recognizes the role parents play as the child’s first teacher and equips them with the tools they will need to provide basic skill development to their children - skills they will need as they enter a formal education program. Pre-K teachers of already enrolled children are seeing the difference in the classroom. One Pre-K teacher stated "I had heard something about HIPPY but I didn't realize until two of my students began to show gains in vocabulary, much more confidence and willingness to participate in class, as to how much of a difference it was making - particularly in just three weeks".

Over a hundred families are already participating in weekly home visits using a developmentally appropriate curriculum with role play as the method of teaching. Home visitors work with the parents who in turn work with their children. Curriculum and reading books are provided to each family enrolled in the program. Monthly parent meetings provide the families opportunities to hear child expert speakers, learn different strategies, and have an opportunity to share experiences with other parents.

HIPPY helps parents learn to use the materials to develop their children's literacy and problem solving skills. The program spans about 30 weeks providing techniques and materials to strengthen cognitive skill along with social, emotional and physical development.

PAEC, in conjunction with the University of South Florida, and in partnership with six school districts, has implemented the program in Washington, Gadsden, Madison, Wakulla, Franklin and Gulf Counties.

For more information on the program, contact the PAEC HIPPY office, 850-638-6131