PAEC Horizon Newsletter
  Tuesday, January 5, 2016   Issue 141  


At the beginning of the year a half-day training was held for instructors, guidance counselors, lab monitors, and administrators to help make things easier for the start of the school year. With another year of experience, the program is making the virtual world easier to maneuver and unleashing its potential for rural districts.

Some things that are “Good to Know!”

Course Offerings

The PAEC-FLVS Franchise has increased the number of instructors from 15 to 35 and growing. The program now offers nearly every course that the Florida Virtual School offers.

Driver Education Course Benefits

Those students who successfully complete the Driver Education course will now have the test fee waived by the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV). This is a valuable savings to our students and their families.

How the PAEC-FLVS Franchise Saves Districts Money

The PAEC-FLVS Franchise allows participating school districts to retain FTE for their virtual students, at a cost savings to the district.

How PAEC-FLVS Franchise Offers District Flexibility

By using the PAEC-FLVS Franchise, districts have staff at their fingertips to help in the problem solving that virtual courses can offer. The program offers the districts flexibility for enrolling and completing students. The program is eager to help districts expand the number of course offerings; which can be limited by the constraints of budgets and certified personnel.

Bonnie Wertenberger, Franchise Manager
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Paula Weeks, Program Assistant
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