PAEC Horizon Newsletter
  Tuesday, January 5, 2016   Issue 141  

Sexual Violence Prevention Programs Launched in Calhoun County High Schools

The Green Dot philosophy is stated below: Given the extraordinary human cost of failure, we must inform every aspect of what we do with the most current science, then divest personal ego and scrutinize our work with objectivity and scientific rigor, course correcting each step of the way.

The Green Dot curriculum is informed by concepts and lessons learned from bodies of research and theory across disciplines including: violence against women, diffusion of innovation, public health, social networking, psychology, communications, bystander dynamics, perpetration, and marketing/advertising. Additionally, since the foundation of Green Dot is built upon the necessity of achieving a critical mass of individuals willing to engage in new behaviors, it is important that we strive to recognize and address anything within our efforts that might be limiting engagement, including historical obstacles in the field of violence prevention and professional and personal obstacles we all face. Finally, in contrast to historical approaches to violence prevention that have focused on victims and perpetrators, the Green Dot strategy is predicated on the belief that individual safety is a community responsibility and shifts the lens away from victims/perpetrators and onto bystanders.

The overarching goal is to mobilize a force of engaged and proactive bystanders.
Implementation of the Green Dot Curriculum will begin February 1, 2016. It will begin with the training of a full-time Green Dot Coordinator, Guidance Counselors, as well as key community partners.

The grant is funded for five years, with a five year renewal option. PAEC is excited to work with the Calhoun County School District in an effort to eliminate the occurrence of power-based personal violence in their schools and communities. The PAEC contact for this project is Bonnie Wertenberger at