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In “First Stop: Families,” get connected with parents who have discovered what it takes to help their children succeed in school and prepare for a rewarding future. Hear from families, school volunteers, principals and teachers on how you can get involved with your child’s education.
Go “Inside School Grades” to find out why schools are graded, how grades are calculated, and how Florida’s system of school grades helps ensure that every child has the opportunity to gain a year’s worth of knowledge in a year’s time.
Tune in to “FCAT Essentials.” Find out how the Sunshine State Standards and the Florida Comprehensive Assessment Test come together to energize teaching and learning in Florida schools.
Meet your neighbors in “Your Child, Your Choices!” They’ll give you first hand information about parental choice in education.
In “Success Adds Up,” zoom in on the results of Florida’s A+ Plan for Education. Thanks to dedicated teachers and principals, Florida is closing the achievement gap—and opening the door to a future in which our students and our citizens are global leaders.
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