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The first two weeks of October of each year are Disability History and Awareness Weeks. This celebration was created by section 1003.4205, Florida Statues. The law encourages schools to provide information about disability history and promote the awareness of the contributions of individuals with disabilities.

One of every five Americans is a person with a disability. A person may be born with a disability, may acquire a disability through an accident or illness, or may acquire a disability simply as a part of growing older. Despite the fact that disability is a natural part of life, people with disabilities have not always had access to equal opportunities. Not until 1975, with the passage of the Federal Education for All Handicapped Children Act (now known as the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act), did school-aged children with disabilities have a right to a free appropriate public education.

Florida started its first special education class in 1926 in Jacksonville. Since then, specially designed instruction and related services have expanded throughout Florida. Now, approximately 360,000 students identified as having a disability are participating in Florida’s public education system. Many graduate and go on to postsecondary education or employment.

We are proud to participate in promoting awareness of disability history and the contributions of individuals with disabilities and to designate the first two weeks in October for Disability History and Awareness.

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