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  • Social Studies

    Social Studies

    COVID-19 School Resource Hub from Instruction Partners

    The Medal of Honor Character Development Resources Program Resources – This resource has free lessons, appropriate for elementary, middle or high school students to teach students important concepts resembled by the Medal of Honor.

    Thoughtful Social Studies – Tips for teaching secondary Social Studies.

    Civics in Real Life – From the Florida Joint Center for Citizenship

    Florida Holocaust Museum

    AP U. S. Government Resources

    Course Description - Key Concepts for Units 1 through 3 only

    JOCZ PRODUCTIONS GOPO REVIEWS for Units 1-3 - Government Explained


    Articles of Confederation


    Civil Liberties

    Civil Rights



    Federal Budget



    Exam Preparation - College Board will be adding new video reviews from now until May 1. These videos will be based on the CED topics.

    College Board Video Reviews Playlist

    2020 Practice FRQs and Rubrics

    2019 Scoring Commentary with Student Samples

    FRQ Task Verbs and Application

    Foundational Documents:

    Declaration of Independence Video Review

    Articles of Confederation Video Review

    U.S. Constitution Video Review

    Federalist 10 Video Reviews

    Brutus 1 Video Review

    Federalist 51 Video Review

    Federalist 70 Video Review

    Federalist 78 Video Review

    Letter from Birmingham Jail

    SCOTUS Cases

    SCOTUS Required Cases Abridged 

    Required SCOTUS Cases from Street Law

    SCOTUS Cases Video Reviews

    Face the Case Video Reviews

    AP Macroeconomics Materials 

    Course Description - Key Concepts for Units 1 through 5 only

    Unit 1 Basic Economic Concepts Playlist

    Introduction to Economics – YouTube

    Unit 2 Economic Indicators and Business Cycle Playlist

    Macroeconomics: Unit 1 -- Measuring Economic Performance – YouTube

    Unit 3 National Income and Price Determination Playlist

    Macroeconomics: Unit 2 -- The Aggregate Economy – YouTube

    Unit 4 Financial Sector Playlist

    Macroeconomics: Unit 4 -- Monetary Policy – YouTube

    Unit 5 Long-Run Growth and Stabilization Policies Playlist

    Macroeconomics: Unit 3 -- Fiscal Policy – YouTube


    Macroeconomics Unit 1: Basic Economic Concepts – YouTube

    Macro Unit 2: Economic Indicators and the Business Cycle – YouTube

    Macro Unit 3: AD-AS, National Income, and Price Determination – YouTube

    Macro Unit 4: The Financial Sector – YouTube

    Macro Unit 5: Long-Run Consequences of Stabilization Policies – YouTube


    Here is the AP Macroeconomics playlist link to the official Advanced Placement video reviews

    Macroeconomics – YouTube

    Watch Mrs. Raphaels, Ridge High School (Bernards Township, NJ), and Mr. Romano, Marist School (Johns Creek, GA), teach AP Macroeconomics.

    Publicly released AP Central FRQs, broken down by each CED unit, and with scoring guidelines linked to each FRQ for reference:

    MACRO Released FRQ by CB Unit.docx

    JB's Macroeconomics Review Packet

    MACRO JB Review Packet-1.pdf

    JB’s AP Macroeconomics Website – John Burkowski Jr.

    Resources for US History, Civics, and Government


    Resources from PBS Learning