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    According to Darling-Hammond and Youngs (2006),One of the most damaging myths prevailing in American education is the notion that good teachers are born and not made.” PAEC New Teacher Academy, is a program initiative of the Panhandle Area Educational Consortium which was established to provide support needed to beginning teachers to high-quality teaching performance and heightened achievement of students. During this yearlong professional learning opportunity, participants will join peers in face-to-face workshops, a seminar series, and document progress by engaging in and completing a variety of online tasks.

    Minimum competencies for professional certification are defined in Florida Statute 1012.56(8). PAEC New Teacher Academy offers districts a means of providing verification of a teacher’s ability to demonstrate these teaching competencies and Florida’s, The Educator Accomplished Practices (FEAPS).

    PAEC New Teacher Academy was developed in response to research findings that indicate teacher quality is one of the most significant determinants of student achievement and high-quality teacher induction programs are critical in increasing teacher effectiveness and teacher retention.

    • Effective teachers are the single most important factor in promoting student achievement (Darling-Hammond and Youngs, 2002).
    • High quality induction programs, when implemented well, can increase teacher effectiveness and improve student learning (Strong, 2006).
    • Estimates suggest between 40% and 50% of new teachers leave the education workforce within five years (Ingersoll, 2012).
    • Induction programs can increase teacher retention rates and the impact depends on the quality of supports provided (Strong, 2006).