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  • PAEC Principal Leadership Academy

    Contact InformationLeadership Academy

    Program Coordinator
    Maria I. Pouncey, Ed.D. - 850-638-6131 Ext. 2266 -

    Program Consultant
    Mary Sue Neves - 850-638-6131 Ext. 2280

    Program Overview:

    PAEC Principal Leadership Academy is a comprehensive leadership preparation program designed for highly motivated individuals who are aspiring to become principals or is a current principal who is acquiring Principal Level II Certification. Cohort IV will begin the PAEC Principal Leadership Academy Part A on September 21, 2016 and will take two years to successfully complete both Part A & B to apply for Level II Preparatory Certification. The focus of the PAEC Principal Leadership Academy is on mandatory professional development which targets key learning and provides the candidate the content knowledge needed to be successful as an instructional leader.

    Program Goals:

    • Prepare candidates with the critical leadership standards, core values, knowledge and skills that all leaders must possess as schools move from change to sustainability

    • Provide candidates with relevant and meaningful professional development to achieve and demonstrate competency in all of the Florida Principal Leadership Standards

    • Prepare candidates to fulfill the responsibilities for the position of principal

    PAEC Principal Leadership Application

    Student Achievement Project

    All aspiring/current Principals participating in the PAEC Principal Leadership Academy will develop an individual Student Achievement (SA) Project to improve student achievement in his/her school.  The SA Project will be a structured opportunity for PAEC Principal Leadership Academy participants to demonstrate how they used leadership skills acquired through this program to enhance student achievement.

    The SAIL Achievement Project should include the following:

    • A focus on improving student achievement and the participant’s leadership development

    • Extensive data analysis to identify specific focus and direction of the SA Project

    • An analysis of the school’s/district’s (infrastructure, culture/climate, and the community)

      and the effect of organization factors on student achievement

    • Clear, unambiguous student achievement goals

    • A review of research to identify strategies to be used to improve student achievement

    • Specific strategies to be used to achieve the goals of the SA Project including:

      1.  Learning Strategies

      2. Organizational Strategies

    • Individual Leadership Development Plan to assist the candidate in becoming a stronger leader and learner

    • Implementation Plan, including: 

      1. Goals

      2. Objectives

      3. Strategies

      4. Monitoring

    • Evaluation Plan

    • Lessons Learned