Curriculum Support Services

Dr. Maria Pouncey, Administrator of Instructional Services(850) 638-6131 Ext. 2266

The Curriculum Support Services were established to provide targeted support in areas identified by participating districts to accelerate student achievement with guidance from content area experts. Services will:

  • Establish and collaborate with a content-specific advisory group from the elementary and secondary levels to obtain input so that assistance may be targeted to meet the needs of a district and or school/s.
  • Support district efforts to align curriculum to state standards.
  • Plan, create, and deliver professional learning content for educators to support district needs and or goals.
  • Engage teachers in professional learning focused on standards-based instruction.
  • Align instruction, student tasks and assessment with the rigor of Florida’s content standards.
  • Share strategies and resources to provide effective instruction that meets the needs of all students including: English Language Learners, ESE, and Gifted.
  • Offer guidance in the development and use of standards-aligned formative and summative assessments.
  • Collaborate with district personnel to perform classroom walkthroughs for district or school-identified purposes.
  • Provide academic feedback that is appropriate and timely.
  • Provide direct classroom support, based on consultant’s classroom walkthrough/observation evidence and upon administrative request.
  • Provide lesson/content planning conferences.
  • Facilitate professional learning communities related to best practices and standards using technology
  • Develop online learning opportunities as needed.
  • Analyze and interpret district, school, classroom, and/or individual student data reports and collaborate with districts/administrators/teachers to identify next steps.