About Us

2022-2023 PAEC Annual Report

The Panhandle Area Educational Consortium (PAEC) is Florida’s first, legislatively (SS 1001.451) created Educational Consortium, founded in 1967 as a support unit to help small districts with limited resources to better serve children, teachers, and administrators. PAEC presently serves 14 member districts, representing over 45,000 students, as well as many other non-member districts who purchase services on a contract basis.

PAEC is subject to all WCSD Policies and Procedures per fiscal agency agreement. 

PAEC Strategic Plan

To provide a continuum of shared services that elevate student achievement throughout all Consortium school districts

Advancing Schools and Communities for Student Success

Every Student, Every Day

Organizational Goals

  1. PAEC will provide Leadership, Vision, and Shared Services to meet the needs of member districts maximizing student achievement.
  2. PAEC will leverage partnerships to increase opportunities and access for member districts.
  3. PAEC will serve as an advocate and unified voice to promote legislative priorities that benefit member districts.
  4. PAEC will develop consistent and professional outreach to promote its priorities.