PAEC Strategic Plan – Executive Summary

Executive Summary
PAEC Mission, Vision & Tagline

Mission: To provide a continuum of shared services that elevate student achievement throughout all Consortium school districts
Vision: Advancing Schools & Communities for student success
Tagline: Every Student, Every Day

PAEC Goals & Strategies

Services to District Goal & Strategies

PAEC will provide Leadership, Vision, and Shared Services to meet the needs of member districts maximizing student achievement.

  1. Teacher recruitment, retention & development (service and advocacy). /A foundational beginning teacher support program that would allow for district customization. / New Teacher Program 
  2. Prioritization of focus areas and addressing them fully. / Evaluation of PAEC services for purposeful abandonment of those things that fall outside of identified focus areas.
  3. Data warehouse, ED-FI (extract data from different databases)

Partnerships Goal & Strategies

PAEC will leverage partnerships to increase opportunities and access for member districts.

  1. Build corporate/agency/post-secondary partnerships with defined roles, supporting all districts. / Partner with businesses for the entire consortia. / Non-profits, such as boys/girls clubs, etc. / Establish connections with corporations, varied organizations to fund and deliver needed services, experts in the field and monetary provisions to the districts. 
  2. Develop relationships with legislators to partner in writing/influencing school legislation. / Having a relationship with Legislators that fosters understanding of the needs of our districts and the impact of legislative changes.
  3. Partner with new businesses to increase workforce skills. / Businesses to fund workforce academy to deliver qualified candidates and reduce dropout rate.

Advocacy/Legislative/Funding Goal & Strategies

PAEC will serve as an advocate and unified voice to promote legislative priorities that benefit member districts.

  1. Promoting the understanding of PAEC’s importance to the unique needs of small and rural districts in NW Florida.
  2. developing relationships with (educational or other) decision makers and key legislative staff based on a predetermined agenda and timeline
  3. Tri-consortia delivering a unified lobbying voice for the collective needs of small and rural districts.

Branding/Marketing Strategies to Support our Goals

  1. Market PAEC as 14 school districts/superintendents/46,000 students instead of a standalone organization.
  2. Consistent and professional outreach branding and promotional materials.
  3. Virtual presence on the web and social media.

PAEC 1-year Tactical Plan – 2017 Report on Progress